Company Profile

The Team

The core staff team at REALISE has worked in the health and social care sector for many years, in lots of different services, with lots of different people.

Our employees share our vision that all services we provide are created to support the individual achieve their full potential in a supportive environment.

We fully appreciate the skills and talents of our staff team and with this in mind we will guarantee that our staff are:

  • Supported to achieve their full potential
  • Fully trained in all aspects of their job role
  • Guaranteed to be paid the Scottish Living Wage
  • Given access to SVQ qualifications relevant to their job role
  • Feel valued and given a voice in the development of all services
  • Supported both formally and informally as required.

What We’re Doing

REALISE Support and Learning Services


Established: 2013

Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee

Scottish Charity No. SC044599

Company No. SC455039

REALISE Support and Learning Services was born from a disillusionment with the same old services providing the same old support.

We thought we could do things differently, so we did and created REALISE.

We truly believe that things can be different and individuals accessing services should have choice and control of their lives and be supported to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations.  

Our services focus on what can be done.